Branko Lustig lecture is scheduled for 05.02.2015. at 11:00 at Mini Teater, Ljubljana.
The program is designed for schoolers of seventh and eighth grade primary school and the first year of high school.

The program consists of three parts:

- The screening Run Boy Run
- Lectures by Mr. Lustig on his experience from the notorious concentration camps and the importance of tolerance, mutual respect and acceptance of differences
- Discussion with pupils

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary lectures and participation in discussion help in spreading tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Admission is free.

Lecture Mirko Ilić called “Symbols of Hate” is a schedule for the 08.02.2015. at 11:00 am .

The program is designed for students of second, third and fourth grade of secondary school, teachers and students.

The program consists of:

Mr. Ilic lectures called “Symbols of Hate” and discussion with the audience.

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary lectures and participation in discussion help in spreading tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Admission is free.



Branko Lustig is the most famous cultural ambassador of the Republic of Croatian. He received numerous international awards and he is award-winning producer for Schindler’s List and Gladiator. Branko Lustig has been working in Hollywood for manny years as a member of the Academy’s Commission for candidacy films for Oscar. He began his career as head of the recording in Jadran film and participated in almost all foreign films productions in the former Yugoslavia as a film director . In United States he worked closely with prominent directors such as Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott and others. In June 2009, received an honorary doctorate from the University of Zagreb for the outstanding contribution to film and the promotion of Croatian film in the world. He is a lecturer at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb at the department productions. Because of its expertise, but also Jewish background and experience in the most notorious Nazi camps, showed great interest and knowledge of Jewish film and as a volunteer engaged in the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival as President of the Festival. He is a lector of Educational Morning program on the subject of the Holocaust, to students across the Croatian.


Mirko Ilić is a graphic designer, illustrator and lecturer. He founded Mirko Ilic Corp. in New York, studio specializing in graphic design, 3D animation and illustration in 1995. Before coming to the United States, Mirko Ilić was the creative director of numerous posters, and casings of books in Europe. He was the creative director of the international edition of Time magazine in 1991 and became the creative director of the New York Times Op-Ed magazine in 1992. Mirko teaches advanced design at Cooper Union University with Mr. Milton Glaser, and currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He is the author of numerous publications and professional books. The last three years he gave lectures on the theme Symbols of Hate in the region.


Run Boy Run
Germany / France, 2013, r. Pepe Danquart, 102 min

Run Boy Run is a true story of eight-year Jurek who escapes from the Warsaw ghetto, and manages to survive in the woods disguising as an Polish orphan. On the way he meets people who would betray him to the prize or trying to kill him, but also those who would risk everything to help him. Jurek’s resourcefulness is in the ultimate test when accidently hurt himself, but he fights against all odds. At the end Jurek finds family that may remain with, but again is fooled, and a young man from a Jewish orphanage is desperate to return Jurek its people and faith. When Jurek return to his home town and to an abandoned house, we learn that he has the support of all the time giving inner voice, the voice of his father who will help Jurek choose between his old and new identities.